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CEO & Partner

“Helping build tomorrow’s capability.” That’s how G38 Consulting's CEO, Dr. Glover describes his role in the consulting business. Dr. Glover heads G38 Consulting, a company he continues to build and expand, grounded on passion and customer service. He founded G38 Consulting in 2012, bringing with him nearly 30 years of government leadership, classified systems acquisition expertise, program management process improvement, and cybersecurity subject matter experience.

Dr. Glover manages the corporate direction of G38, while aiding and supporting the company's consulting, marketing, alliances, and channels. He expanded G38 business industries by producing applicable recommendations such as telecommunications, coalition development, operations management, and strategic planning.  Dr. Glover has forged a path for continued growth in the areas of product and service consulting. He gained a successful reputation with the Federal Aviation Administration, The Department of Defense, and many more; all by delivering customer service for lasting relationships.

Dr. Ahmad Glover
CEO & Partner

The Team

JD Sicilia

Vice President of Performance

Karen Downs

Cybersecurity Engineer

Michelle Goode
Michelle Headshot 4.png

Web & IT Manager

Lynne Chambers, Esq.

Senior Director

Brian Price

Cybersecurity Engineer

Dr. Denise Lofton

Senior Director

Frank Headshot.png
Frank Huffman

Project Manager

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